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A. Introduction
B. Description
C. Rules and Regulations
D. Payment for Services
E. Limitations of Services
F. Price Adjustments
G. Definitions

1.1 Facility Fee
1.2 Common Area Maintenance and Usage Fee

2.1 Minimum Drydocking Charges
2.2 All Vessels
2.3 Shifting of a Naval Architect
2.4 Berthage Rates
2.5 Services

3.1 Crane Services
3.2 Crane Service for Non-Ship Repair Use
3.3 Forklift

4.1 Removal of Waste/Wash Water
4.2 Removal of all Sand Blasting Grit
4.3 Removal of all Liquid Waste
4.4 Removal of all Garbage

5.1 Maritime Fire and Safety Association Fee
5.2 Items Not Covered by Specific Rates
5.3 Fendering System

6.1 Electric Service
6.2 Compressed Air Service

7.1 Labor
7.2 Materials and Subcontractors

A. Introduction.

Northlake Shipyard (NSI) is a privately owned facility operated by NSI. The facility is used by Prime Ship Repair Contractors who repair, convert, and construct ships and marine equipment, and may be used by others specifically authorized by the NSI. NSI does not normally directly contract to perform repair work. When a Prime Ship Repair Contractor or other authorized user performs ship repair or ship conversion work at NSI, the Prime Ship Repair Contractor or other user acts as the ship’s agent in obtaining these services.

B. Description.

This Price Schedule is the basic pricing document for NSI services and facilities. Other fees may be charged based on NSI Facility Agreements or other agreements with authorized users. Fees for special applications not listed in the Price Scheduled will be negotiated on case-by-case basis.

This Price Schedule provides a separate rate schedule and description for each of the following items:

1. General Fees
2. Drydocking and Berthage
3. Cranes and Equipment
4. Removal of all Waste
5. Other Services and Facilities
6. Metered Utilities
7. Labor and Materials

C. Rules and Regulations.

Users of NSI services and facilities are subject to rules adopted by NSI’s Executive Director or the Executive Director’s designee with respect to the use of NSI. Permission to use NSI is conditioned on compliance rules and violation may result in exclusion of a user from NSI.

D. Payment for Services.

Payment for facilities and services provided pursuant to this Price Schedule shall be invoiced by NSI and shall be due and payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice, unless otherwise provided by NSI Facility Agreement of other written agreement between NSI and the user.

E. Limitations of Service.

Subject to availability and subject to design limits of service and capacity, NSI will make available the equipment and facilities described in this Price Schedule. NSI shall have no liability to any user or third party for property damage, injury, lost time, penalties or any other damages or losses whatsoever due to unavailability or malfunction of equipment or facilities.

F. Price Adjustments.

The Price Schedule charges are subject to adjustments, as NSI deems appropriate.

G. Definitions.

Barrel: A 42-US gallon unit of measure

CCF: A unit of volume equal to 100 cubic feet.

Day: A 24-hour period billed in whole day increments.

Foot Day: A unit of measure equal to a vessel’s length overall (LOA) in feet, times the number of days of service.

KWH: Kilowatt-Hour, a measure of electricity equal to usage of one kilowatt (1000 watts) for one hour.

Lay Day: A 24-hour period following a Lift Day of any precedes Lay Day. The Lay Day shall end when the vessel exits the sill of the dry dock. The Lay Day rates are in 24 hour increments.

Lift Day: The first 24 hours of drydocking shall constitute a Lift Day and shall be the minimum used in computing charges. The Lift Day starts when the bow of the vessel crosses the sill of the dry dock. The Lift Day rate shall apply in whole day increments.

LOA: Length overall, a unit of measure in feet equal to the farthest point between the bow and stern of a vessel.

Mechanical Utilities: Mechanical utilities consist of compressed air, portable water, and fire main provided at the dry docks and berths.

Prime Ship Repair Contractor: A Company engaged in ship repair, ship conversion or ship construction, using the facilities of NSI and subject to a Facility Agreement with NSI.

NSI: NORTHLAKE SHIPYARD, INC., located at 1441 North Northlake Way, Seattle, Washington 98103.

Shifting on the Blocks: Undocking a vessel, repositioning the vessel on the blocks and redocking the vessel after an initial drydocking.

Ton: A short ton (2,000 lbs.).

1. General Fees

1.1 Facility Fee

The Facility Fee charged to Prime Ship Repair Contractors for their operations at NSI will be 4.2% of the Contractor’s Gross Billings less any included NSI fees.

RATE: 4.2% of Gross

1.2 Common Area Maintenance and Usage Fee

Each Prime Ship Repair Contractor will be charged a fee for common services provided by NSI. .

RATE: $1,500.00 per week

1.3 Best Management Practice Supervision

All vessels will be charged labor for the supervision of BMP Compliance.

2. Drydocking and Berthage

Minimum Drydocking Charges

All vessels will be charged not less than the minimums identified for each category below.

2.1.1 Dry Dock #2

Lift Day on Dry Dock #2 $850.00 per Day
Lay Day on Dry Dock #2 $650.00 per Day

2.1.2 Dry Dock # 9

Lift Day on Dry Dock #9 $900.00 per Day
Lay Day on Dry Dock #9 $800.00 per Day

2.2 All Vessels

2.2.1 Lift Day on Dry Docks #2 & #9 $9.00 per Foot Day

2.2.2 Lay Day on Dry Docks #2 & #9 $8.00 per Foot Day

2.3 Shifting on Blocks

A lift day will be charged in lieu of a lay day for shifting on the
blocks, plus labor and materials per item 7.

2.4 Services of a Naval Architect

When determined necessary by NSI, the services of a Naval Architect will be retained to determine the suitability and method of drydocking vessels where weight distribution or stability problems are thought to exist. Such services, when considered necessary, will also be used for observation during drydocking to assure the operating limits of the facilities are not exceeded. If such information is provided to the NSI by a user, NSI may engage a third party to review the information. All such services will be billed to the vessel per Item 7.2. See Item 7.2

2.5 Berthage Rates

2.5.1 Pier Side (Or with a Welding/Burning Permit from the Seattle Fire Department) $1.35 per Foot Day

2.5.2 Not Pier Side or unable to obtain a welding permit.
$.85 per Foot Day

2.6 Services

Drydocking and berthage rates include the following mechanical utilities, if available. All utility connections to the vessel, gangway set-ups are subject to labor and materials per Item 7.

1. Compressed Air. (For mechanical tools only)

2. Potable Water. City water is available for connection to a vessel’s fresh water systems.

3. Fire Main (available for fire suppression only unless otherwise authorized in writing by NSI)

NOTE: Labor for block building, docking ad undocking operations, as well as electric service are not included in drydocking and berthage rates and will be charged in addition as follows:

Electric Service (See Item 6.1) .12 KWH

Labor for drydocking operations Per Item 7.1

Replacement of pilings damaged during berthage will be charged under Item 5.6.

2.7 Storage of any property at NSI

$2.00 per square foot per Month

3. Cranes and Equipment

3.1 Crane Service

Crane service provided for ship repair and conversion will be charged at an hourly rate plus labor and materials per item 7. There will be a one hour minimum charge for any use.

$180.00 per Hour

3.2 Crane Service for Non-Ship Repair Use

If NSI’s cranes are used for non-ship repair activities, an hourly rate and a one-time charge for the total tonnage will be charged plus labor and materials per item 7.

$180.00 per Hour

3.3 Forklift

Use of NSI’s forklift trucks, will be charged at an hourly rate plus labor and materials per Item 7. There will be a half hour minimum charge for any use.

$60.00 per Hour

4. Removal of all Waste

4.1 Removal of Waste/Wash water pumped off of Dry Docks after washing.

$.55/gallon, plus NSI labor.

4.2 Removal of all Sand Blasting Grit after contractor has deposited it in storage bins on piers. (Does not include over-time), plus NSI labor.

Cost Plus 25%.

4.3 Removal of all Liquid Waste pumped from vessel.

Cost Plus 25%.

4.5 Removal of all Garbage.

Cost Plus 25%.

4.6 On a daily basis Dry Docks will be cleaned by NSI labor.

5. Other Services and Facilities.

5.1 Maritime Fire and Safety

All Vessels will be required to obtain a Seattle Fire Department Permit.

5.2 Items not covered by Specific Rates

For special NSI facility needs not covered by a specific rate, contact the NSI Director or his or her designee, for a quote.

As Quoted.

5.3 Fendering System

Prime Ship Repair Contractors will be charged for any fender system or piling damaged while using a NSI berth. Damage identified during occupancy or after the vessel leaves the berth will be deemed to have occurred during the vessel’s occupancy of the berth unless the user notifies the vessel’s occupancy of the berth unless the user notifies NSI staff in writing, prior to tie-up, of any pre-existing damage.

Wooden Piling $2,800.00 per Piling

6. Utilities.

The following rates will be charged for utilities as available in leased buildings and yard areas. These rates will also be charged of utility services not included in drydocking and berthage rates.

6.1 Electric Service

The charge for electric operations and service includes electric power, use of the power distribution systems in NSI including use of portable transformers as available, common area lighting, administration, and other services and equipment as available. Special or unusual requests shall be in addition as quoted by NSI. .10 per KWH

6.2 Compressed Air Service $60/day

7. Labor and Materials.

7.1 Labor $84.00 per Hour
Straight Time

$126.00 per Hour
Over Time

7.2 Materials and Subcontractors

All materials and subcontractors required for NSI job will be charged at retail cost plus 25 percent (25%).

Cost Plus 25 %

8. Sur Charge

8.1 Regulatory Fees

Due to extreme rate hikes by the Department of Natural Resources and the demands by other government agencies, especially the City of Seattle, there will be a charge of 15% applied to all NSI Gross Billings.




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